Why Invisalign Rocks!

What’s stopping you from having that straight and perfect smile? Is it the unseemly nature of metal brackets, the fact that you look like a teenager with them, and the fact that they are on there for a long time and often not only look unsightly, but are a pain to clean? Well, there is a new option, and you can see your dentist in Pacoima for more information on this.

Clear aligners are a means to help straighten your smile. While traditional braces are effective, they take forever to straighten, and it consists of eating restrictions, brushing and flossing that is a nightmare, and you might even feel embarrassed about it. clear aligners are a solution to give you a perfectly-aligned smile, while also making sure that you’re getting a nearly-invisible aligner that saves you not only the hassle, but also the time of these braces.

Now, there are a few cool things about this. For starters, they are nearly invisible. You can’t hide traditional braces, because the wires and brackets are so stark on your face, but with clear aligners, you get a custom-fit dental tray that slips over your teeth while it realigns them. In many cases, most won’t even know that you’re wearing them, so it’s super cool.

You also don’t need to worry about food restrictions. You ever remember the horrors of wanting some popcorn, but you can’t have it? Or maybe even an apple, that you want to bite into? If you’re someone that doesn’t want a dietary restriction while wearing braces, or don’t want to destroy a bracket because you bite into a corn-on-the-cob, then definitely consider Invisalign, since you’ll get the food freedom.

Now, they are also removable. If you’re eating a meal, getting married or the like, you can actually pop these out whenever you need to. They’re not there right up in your face, and they don’t look unsightly, and not only that, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and straighten out your smile. It is advised to wear them a majority of the time, and only take them out when you need to.

They’re also super comfy. Now, it won’t be super comfortable in comparison to a natural mouth, but you actually can get scars, injuries, and even decay from the wires on the skin. However smooth aligners will make your mouth stay smooth and you won’t have scar tissue from the wires and brackets like you might with braces.

It also is super easy to take care of your mouth. You can remove the trays, which means you can brush and floss in a normal manner. You might have seen some of these special brushes and flossers that are used to help get in between the wires and brushes. This is definitely something to consider if you hate the idea of trying to fight with your teeth when you’re trying to clean them. Most people don’t have aligned teeth, and if you’re older, you might not want to sit through the horror of braces again. Instead definitely consider that.

Also, it involves less appointments. You don’t have to wear these for years like in the cases of braces. Instead, you just have to go to the office every 4-6 weeks, and instead of being poked and prodded, you’ll just be given a new tray that you use for the next couple of weeks. You’ll be in way less pain, have orthodontics less upset with you, and you won’t have to deal with the pain of having braces that is associated with it.

For those that need to get their teeth straightened, especially adults that don’t want to deal with the horror stories of braces, or have had them in the past and don’t want to go through that again, you don’t have to. With Invisalign, you’ll be able to take care of your oral health in a sound manner, in a better way than before, and you should definitely consider it. do talk to your Pacoima dentist, and make sure that you take the time necessary to ensure that you have the best health possible so that you can get the smile you want.